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14 Social Posts Any Business Can Post Regularly

Carolyn Canetti
May 17, 2020 8:51:35 AM

Need inspiration for what to post each week? Here are some fool proof posts you can utilize any time you're out of ideas.



The great news about social media is that every and any customer you want to reach is on social media, which means, it's a great place to be discovered, build your brand, and get new customers. The challenge is coming up with posts on a regular basis. The best way to approach social media is by doing the same type of post with new content, in order to form a habit for yourself and your audience looking forward to what you have to say or show.

1. Introduction Post: Introduce yourself, both when you first get started, and periodically. As your followers grow, not everyone is looking at your first post. Keep sharing your mission.


2. Story Post: As a business owner, personal stories go a long way to emphasize your personality and make you relatable to your customer base. Share a story about yourself.

use social media to post a story

3. Article Post: Read the industry news - trends, studies, new products - if something interests you, share it on social media. Spark a conversation by asking for opinions or questions.

social media post examples



4. Daily Tip Post: What goals are your clients trying to achieve? Give them advice. Breadcrumb their interest to showcase your value and knowledge.

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5. Reshare Post: Follow other professionals in your field and give them a shoutout. Make friends on social media and they'll show you support back, helping you to reach new audiences.


6. Client Spotlight Post: Inspire others by showing them a real person overcoming challenges to hit goals (if your clients are okay with this). 

social media shoutout



7. Portfolio Post: Self promote in a non-sales oriented way. Show off past work and projects. Explain what you did, the methodology, and how you helped a client achieve success.

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8. Recommendation Post: What are you enjoying? Podcast, article, book, playlist or helpful product- share with your audience. It's a nice way to make conversation in your industry too.


9. Reminder Post: Whether your audience is trying to hit a seasonal target, quarterly goal or other, send a universal reminder to your industry in order to motivate audiences.


10. Photo Post: For many small businesses, before and after photos (or charts and infographics) are a great way to showcase progress being made and your work methods.

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11. Brand Shoutout Post:Is there a company or brand you love or aspire to? Don't be shy. Everyone loves some authentic thumbs up for the work they're doing. 


brand shoutoutt



12. Wow Fact Post: Share a wow-worthy statistic about industry trends that affect many. Numbers put into perspective the work you do and the achievements people want to hit.


13. How-to Post:What do your clients struggle with regularly? Your knowledge is your content. Post regular how-tos to your following, showcasing the guidance they'd get by working with you. 


14. Contact Post: Periodically inform your followers on how they can get in touch with you. As a small business service, that's how you ultimately get new business. Direct people on where to.

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Another great way to get started on social media is by setting up your profiles and connecting with other professionals, leaders and peers in your field. Join groups and existing conversations to get a sense of what interesting and engaging conversations look like. 


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