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7 Places to Add A Scheduling Link So Customers Can Book Time Anywhere

Carolyn Canetti
Jan 17, 2022 11:59:48 AM

For service businesses, your day to day might be filled to the brim with meetings, scheduling and rescheduling, tracking down payments, fitting in marketing, and corresponding with customers. What if you could remove at least two of those major headaches from your day, opening up time in your routine for the fun parts? 


Say hello to online meeting schedulers - a scheduling web page that you can share anywhere to anyone, so that customers can book time with you at their leisure. Not only that, but your scheduling page could include automated payments and automated notifications and reminders - so you don’t have to worry about it! Imagine a day filled with more meetings, more money, and way less stress around administrative tasks like scheduling, payments, reminders and follow ups.


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Whether you have a scheduling page already, or you’re about to scour the internet for the best booking tool for service professionals out there - we want to share a list of useful places you can share your link so that customers can book time with you, anywhere! 


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Add Your Scheduling Link to Your Email Signature 

A low hanging fruit is to add your scheduling link to your email signature. This way, anyone you communicate with will have the opportunity to book time with you whenever they open an email from you. Having a scheduling link in your email signature is like having an “Open” sign on a door. It’s a gentle but obvious reminder that you’re approachable and available. 


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Include Your Meeting Link In Social Media Profiles 

The next easy, and important spot to add your online meeting link is on your social media profiles. This way, your followers and audiences can book time with you directly from social media, and any onlookers or people browsing your pages can also check out your offering and availability. 


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email your customers


Send Your Online Scheduler Out in Emails 

If you are regularly sending email newsletters (or maybe you’re interested in starting), a great way to get the word out to prospective and current customers that you have a scheduling page is by sending an email about it! Make it known that booking should be done through your scheduling page. 



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Print Your Scheduling Page On Fliers and Business Cards 

Take your scheduling page offline and bring it into the real, physical world. Add your scheduling link to any printed materials that you hand out or post around town. Print your scheduling page on fliers, business cards, posters, directories, mailers, fridge magnets, general swag and more! Including important information on any printed materials is a great way to be a constant but gentle reminder that you exist.

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Make One of Your Linktr.ee Links Your Scheduling Page

Whether you utilize it already or not, Linktr.ee is a popular link aggregator that can be shared in any of these same ways. Linktr.ee serves as its own page, basically a navigation to all of your links. So, you could add your scheduling page to your linktr.ee page, alongside your latest video, article, recipe, contact form, blog post, social media pages, or other. 



Embed Your Meeting Scheduler On Your Website 

If you have a website for your business, you can add your scheduling page to it. One option would be to add it to the navigation bar, so for instance, call the page “Schedule” or “Book Time” and then add the scheduling page URL directly there, so anyone who clicks will end up on your page. Or, you can embed your meeting scheduler on your website so it fits into a page on your site. 



Use Your Scheduling Page On Google, Yelp, Thumbtack and More 

Consider all the potential customers searching for a business like yours. Make yourself visible on directories and search engines by creating a business profile on sites like Google, Yelp, Thumbtack and more. By adding both contact information, reviews, general business information, and of course - your scheduling page - you will direct new inquiries to you through your scheduling page. 


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add your scheduler page everywhere


Go forth with these ideas and get your online meeting scheduler out there and open for business! We truly believe in the power of the scheduling page, alleviating the headaches and overhead of unnecessary scheduling and payment stress. Let these tasks be automated and available so that you can do what you do best! 


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Here at ClickEasy, we have a tool that makes scheduling and payments easy. Allow customers to book 1:1 sessions and group classes online, with automatic payment collection by credit cards. No more back and forth, automatic email reminders for clients, and get paid instantly. Start your 30 day free trial today to make your life easier and your customers happy.  

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