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16 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Photographer Websites to Be Inspired By

Marshay Clarke
Mar 27, 2020 12:56:39 PM

When starting a wedding photography business, one of the most important things you have to do is create a wedding photographer website. It is probably the number one marketing tool you will use to attract and book new brides. And with a lot of competition in wedding photography, your website needs to stand out from the rest.


But how do you go about building one of the best wedding photography websites?


To help inspire you, we’ve found 16 of the most beautiful wedding photographer websites and gathered them here. Take a look through them below, and when you’re ready to make your own photography website, be sure to build it for free on ClickEasy.


Best Wedding Photographer Websites


16. Cassandra Ladru Photography


Making our list as one of the best wedding photographer websites is the classic black and white themed wedding photography website for Cassandra Ladru Photography. We love the journalistic style website layout.


15. Papaya Wedding


A simple, no fluff website that simply focuses on storytelling. PapayaWedding.com chose to incorporate a grid format for their wedding photography portfolio. This is great because visually it reminds you of an Instagram feed.


When creating your wedding studio website it is important to have multiple templates to choose from. At ClickEasy, we provide a great selection of templates for you.


And the best part, your wedding photography website is free!


14. Emily Olivia Photography


If you have a more vintage, boho style then you will love the portfolio wedding photographer, Emily Olivia. Based in the UK, this photographer uses a slideshow of beautiful photos to capture your attention and suck you in.


The easy-to-use menu is clear and concise, getting you straight to the topic you need. Testimonials are also a great marketing tool and can help clients decide to book you.


These two features are available to you when you build your free wedding photographer website at ClickEasy.


What Features Does A “Free” Wedding Photographer Website Include?


Starting a wedding photography business is exciting but there is more to it than taking pretty photos. You have the talent, all the equipment and a passion for telling stories but how do you reach couples?


The key to reaching brides is by having a stellar website and today you can have one for free!


Typically wedding photography websites can cost $1,000 to as much as $15,000. Ouch! That is a big price to pay especially when you are just starting a wedding photography business. At ClickEasy we are dedicated to helping new wedding photographers get started marketing their business by offering a wedding photographer site at no cost.


Here are just a few of the bells and whistles that you will enjoy with our free photography website.

  • Multiple templates to choose from
  • Drag-and-drop technology (no coding or design experience required)
  • Optimized to look great on both mobile and web
  • Ability to embed videos
  • Contact Forms
  • Custom Colors and Fonts
  • Slideshows

13. Alina Atzler Photography


Alina uses her homepage to display an entire series of photos from individual weddings she shot. These photos then link to a gallery of the actual wedding where you can see large photos allowing you to all of the skill that Alina has. This wedding photographer website also uses links to extra subpages in her footer which keep visitors exploring.


12. Mirjam Wilde Photography


This is a lovely, well-structured website. It uses the homepage to give you a taste of her portfolio in a slideshow, with more wedding photos waiting on the site’s subpages. Keeping the content on her site personal allows potential clients to “get to know her” before even meeting her, which is very important for millennial couples.


11. Shanoah Photography


For millennial couples, less is more. And the Shanoah Photography site follows this philosophy by being easy to view and simple to use. All of the things they need to attract new clients are at your fingertips with the easy menu bar.


Visitors can easily find pricing, social media links, galleries and more. If you like this style, be sure to try out the ClickEasy photography templates.


10. Gaby Hanna Photography


Photography not your only skill? Check out how Gaby utilizes one wedding studio website to promote and showcase both his videography and photography skills. We also love how he added his social links to the footer.


9. Matthew Ree Photography


It is still true that a picture tells a thousand words. Matthew decided to utilize a large slideshow to display his wedding photography portfolio. We also love how he added his menu and contact information on the left sidebar which provides instant access to reach out to him. This is genius!


8. Innocent Eye Photography


This stunning wedding portfolio showcases captivating images in a unique vertical scroll format, truly making it one of the best wedding photography websites.



7. Stak Studios


Unique by all aspects, Stak Studios created an amazing website with unexpected elements. There’s a lot of competition in wedding photography, so having a site that looks different from all of your competitors is key!


By using a bold color on their menu bar and kind words from couples they’ve worked with, they’ve created a beautiful photography design.


6. Susan Stripling


Here is another great, unique website design. The sidebar menu area is clear and the large grid format showcasing easily shows off Susan’s best work.


5. Blue Rose Pictures


The crisp white background, handwritten logo and dreamy photos on the homepage instantly hook you. We love how they showcase their best photos in the slider while also highlighting where their work has been featured, their Instagram feed and testimonials.


4. Phillip Thomas Photography


Wedding photography is just as much about the connection you have with the photographer as it is the photos that they capture. Phillip Thomas Photography has a great website that captures your attention by tugging on your emotional heartstrings.


He utilizes the homepage to introduce himself in a captivating and funny way. So you see, it isn’t just about the “design” of the website. It is also about the words that you use to explain who you are and what you do.


3. Solo Mio Photography


Making it to the top 3 in our list is Solo Mio Photography. A different take on website design, they added their social buttons to the top of the page where most photographers (and businesses) seem to add them to the bottom. This is a great idea because so many couples rely heavily on social media to influence their buying decisions.


Solo Mio also showcases their portfolio in a way that resembles a photo album which helps to set them apart from everyone else.


2. Chris and Rachel Photo


So many things to love about this wedding photography website design. They begin by using a magical hero image with large text that immediately draws you in. Next, a brief, but captivating section tells you “who they are,” and a horizontal grid with the most important things you need to know (about us, investment, and gallery).


Beautiful to look at and easy to use!


1. Emily Wren Photography


Photography is all about capturing the soul of your couples. When they visit your website, it is important that they fall in love with your style. Emily Wren Photography designed a stunning website that does just that!


Her wedding studio website showcases all of her gorgeous photos, has all the bells and whistles and is beautiful to look at. It is no wonder that she has been featured in many of the top publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot and more. And definitely number one on our best wedding photography websites list.



That’s it! The top 16 jaw-dropping wedding photographer websites. When designing your wedding photography website, it is important to stay true to your style. Whether that is bold and dramatic, rustic, or just simply pretty to look at, your website is the first introduction to your couples and should represent you.


Are you ready to design an unbelievable wedding photography website for free? Sign up for ClickEasy today, and take your business to the next level.


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