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How Much to Charge for Tutoring Services in 2020? Try our Rate Quiz!

Aaron Tian
Mar 27, 2020 1:44:16 PM

If you’re a private tutor, setting an hourly rate can be tough. But this 5-minute quiz can find you the perfect rate to sign up more students and make more money.




Professional tutoring is a complicated business. Every student has different needs and a different style of learning. So as a private or online tutor, how can you find the perfect rate that includes the most students while making the most of your potential profit and time?


There are tons of factors you need to take into account. Everything from your experience and qualifications to location and subject matter will have an effect. But if that sounds confusing, don’t worry. Just read on below for an easy guide to choosing your tutoring hourly rate!


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What is the average price rate for a tutor?


According to the latest stats in 2020, private tutors in the US usually charge between $25 to $80 per hour. But why are some tutors more expensive than others? It comes down to these five main factors:

  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Subject matter
  • Style of teaching
  • Supply and Demand

Of course being experienced and qualified can allow you to charge more. But so can factors like teaching more valuable course types (for example, SAT prep), going in-person for lessons and being in a high-demand area with little competition.


What rate should I charge for tutoring?


To see what tutoring rate we recommend for you, just take the quiz below! These results are to give you a general estimate based on industry trends, so be sure to test it out yourself and adjust as you see fit. 




Start the quiz to find your ideal tutoring rate.



  1. Start with a base rate of $10 per hour
  2. Depending on each answer, add or subtract the amount specified to the right
  4. 1. What best describes your education level?
  5.      a. High school or college student + $0
        1.      b. Bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field + $5
    1.      c. Bachelor’s degree in an educational field + $10
    2.      d.Master’s or doctorate degree in unrelated field + $15
    3.      e. Current or former teacher/professor + $20
  6. 2. How long have you worked as a tutor, teacher or other similar jobs?
    1.      a. 0-1 years + $0
    2.      b. 1-3 years + $5
    3.      c. 4-5 years + $10
    4.      d. Over 5 years $15
  7. 3. What age are your students typically?
    1.      a. Elementary or middle school + $5
    2.      b. High school + $5
    3.      c. College (undergraduate) + $10
    4.      d. Graduate school + $20
  8. 4. How do you tutor?
    1.      a. Online + $0
    2.      b. In-person + $10
  9. 5. What subject do you teach primarily?
    1.      a. Academics (Math, Science, History, Language, etc.) + $5
    2.      b. Special needs + $10
    3.      c. Test prep (SAT, ACT, etc.) + $15
  10. 6. How many tutors and students are there in your area?
    1.      a. There are many more tutors than students - $10 (subtract)
    2.      b. They are about the same + $0
    3.      c. There are many more students than tutors + $10
    4.      d. I teach online + $5


And there you have it, our recommendations for your tutoring hourly rate. What rate did you end up with?


Keep in mind, this quiz is a basic way to understand industry averages. If you’re an experienced tutor and know exactly how much you can charge, then keep doing that. But if you’re a first-time or mid-level tutor looking for somewhere to start, we hope this quiz was helpful.


Keep growing your tutor business.


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Thank you for reading and best of luck!