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How Much Should I Charge for Wedding Photography? A 2020 Pricing Guide

Marshay Clarke
Mar 27, 2020 1:19:50 PM

Having an eye for photography and passion for weddings is a talent that only a few can master. If you are one of them and have always dreamt of starting your own wedding photography business you have to read this! Right now, your head is probably filled with thoughts like “Will becoming a wedding photographer pay my bills?” and “How much should I charge for wedding photography in 2020?”

At ClickEasy, we know small business owners struggle with getting their wedding photography pricing packages together, so trust us when we say, you are not alone. To help you answer this question we have put together the ultimate wedding photography 2020 pricing guide. Let’s jump in!


How Much Do Photographers Charge For Weddings?


When starting out as a professional wedding photographer you should know how your skills, creativity, and eye for the best shot line up with your competition. Simply having a fancy camera doesn’t equate to great photos. It is your skills that create your style and result in amazing shots. Learning how you are perceived in the market before you begin to set your prices will help you select rates that are fair. This article can help you understand “How much should I charge for wedding photography?” and how to attract engaged couples.


The rates that photographers charge vary based on the type of photography that they offer and the level of service they provide. For example, event photographers typically charge between $150 - $250 per hour and will normally have a 2-hour minimum. While wedding photographers, on the other hand, generally will charge between $1,000 - $3,000 for an average of 6 hours. The formula below can help you determine what rates you should start with when beginning your wedding photography business.


How Much Do Wedding Photographers Make Per Hour?


If you have ever asked yourself “How much should an amateur photographer charge for a wedding?” then you’re in the right place. This ultimate guide on what to charge for wedding photography will answer all your questions. There are a lot of different variables that influence how much wedding photographers make per hour. Things such as the number of sessions that are required, how long does it take for touch-ups and edits, how many prints, the cost for equipment and how many hours you spend etc. The best place to start is by figuring out how much it will cost to run your photography business.


Formula For Figuring Out - How Much Do You Charge for Wedding Photography?


Using this helpful formula to calculate “How much should an amateur photographer charge for a wedding?” will get you on your way to a successful photography business. But remember, the key to winning brides is a lot more than perfect pricing. Wedding photography is an emotional investment and because of this many couples will pay higher rates to get a great photographer.

Marketing your wedding photography business and having an attractive brand is just as (and maybe more) important than getting your pricing right. Follow these steps below to calculate how much you will charge for weddings:


Add The Following:


Cost of running your photography business

For example equipment, office/studio costs, staff, marketing


Cost Of Goods

For example: cost of the print, packaging, shipping and all post-production charges


Cost Of Time & Labor

For example travel time, set-up time, pre-production, client meetings, shoot time & post-production



View your competitors’ rates, know your value and add in a little extra on top of the costs above



Uncle Sam has to get his piece of the pie, so make sure to research taxes that you will have to pay and add them into your pricing.

= How Much You Should Charge For Wedding Photography



It would be easy if we told you exactly how much to charge for your wedding photography when starting out. But the truth is there are many factors that impact the rates you set for your services. Only you know how much you paid for your equipment, cost of website, office space, training, etc and these items make a big impact on your pricing. Not to mention that demographics play a role as well.


Check out your local competitor’s prices to make sure that you are not pricing yourself too high or too low. Keeping your start-up costs to a minimum by working out of your home and getting a wedding photography website with ClickEasy can help you in the beginning.


Being a successful small business owner is not just about booking clients and collecting payments. It is about being “profitable”. How much of the money you collect do you get to keep? Working from home and a free website can help you be profitable early in your new business.


When trying to understand wedding photography rates, it is important to know that charging too low can decrease the perceived value of your services as well as your local photographer market. Price your photography fair, market your new wedding photography business and enjoy your new career.


Want to know more about how to market a wedding photography business in 2020? Be sure to check out ​ClickEasy​. An innovative, creative and free tool to make you look awesome and start collecting customers. Start with a place customers can come to schedule time with you (payments included too!). Feeling bouncy? Let’s get started.


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