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Answer These 6 Questions to Create a Good Customer Experience

Carolyn Canetti
Mar 8, 2021 7:30:00 AM

When you're a new business, there's an expectation that you would do almost anything you can to bring in new business.


And why not? The more customers you can work with, the more likely you are to have a full schedule, and enough ongoing business to feel validated and financially stable. You may read about all the ways that new business owners jump through hoops and bend over backwards to make it work, the hustle and the grind we hear so much about! 

5 Talking Points to Memorize For New Customers


But before you go guns ablaze working yourself into the ground - a good exercise for new business owners, is to put yourself in your customers shoes. Consider all the times you have been a first time customer, working with a new business for the first time: 

  • What do you like about those businesses? What businesses stick out to you, and why? It's not that common for a transaction to stick out unless it was a really good or really bad experience. Anything come to mind?
  • What is memorable? Okay, so for any good experiences, what was it - an amazing product? A kind person? A personalized experience? 
  • What makes you return? Think about the businesses that you do repeat business with, a coach, a consultant, a doctor, a mentor - they're providing a value to you, a fair price, and a good experience, right? What of these can you emulate with your own business?
  • What makes your tell other people about them? Your initial customers can often be your most important, because if they tell others about you, they're doing a lot of the hard work for you. Referrals as a method of generating new business is ideal.  

Whatever comes to mind when you answer those questions, now think about it in terms of your business.

  • What do you want people to walk away with when they work with you? What value are you providing?
  • How do you want to be described by your customers?

Creating a positive customer experience does not need to equate to chaos and awful work life balance. Keeping customers happy can be achieved through trial and error as there is no one size fits all. A good experience is one that should feel natural to you and outstanding to a customer.



how to keep customers happy


To nurture your customers and keep them engaged: 

  • Keep in touch. Nothing says “transactional relationship” like only reaching out when you’re trying to sell. Once someone becomes a customer, you want to build that relationship for a long time.
  • Shower them with gifts (and deals). Everyone likes to be appreciated, so thank customers for their business with special gifts or deals throughout the year. Consider giving free 30 minute calls to chat about their progress and learn what they need from you going forward. Send them a little something during the holidays or for their birthdays.
  • Engage with them on social media. Tag customers in your social videos and posts. Not only do people love to be mentioned by their favorite accounts, user posts are great for unique content and social proof. Being featured will also make people feel that they’re part of your company’s narrative, which is key to generating loyalty and engagement long-term.
  • Always provide value. Whether you’re chatting casually or crafting a holiday promotion, think about how what you’re doing helps your customers. Ask yourself, what do my customers need from me right now? Recognize that each customer will have a different need and goal, and they will really appreciate the extra encouragement or advice for what they need. 

As you continue your time together, display the work you've been doing - perhaps additional certifications, continued education - aspects that indicate the investment in yourself that with affect them positively. 

Growing a small business starts with a focus on your early customers. They are your most powerful marketing tool and way to drive referrals, get useful feedback and motivate you to keep doing the hard work of being a business owner! 


How to Get Useful Customer Feedback


Utilizing a discount to new customers, or a "Bring a Friend" referral incentive are amazing techniques for piquing the interest of new people, and re-engaging with existing customers. If this is a model that is viable for you and your business, try!



create customer relationships


Create an experience so stellar that your current customers can't wait to bring a friend with them next time, or refer someone to work with you individually. Consider any money you'd spend on advertising to a wide net of people, and view the money lost for offering a discount or a free session as really targeted advertising. You already have this person through the door, now it's up to you to get them to stick!



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