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How to Use Your Customer Reviews to Improve Your Fitness Business

Carolyn Canetti
May 20, 2020 12:57:43 PM

Receiving customer feedback is great for a multitude of reasons. It's important for you to take a pulse on how can improve your fitness business, as well as open the door to have a conversation with clients.


Not sure how to get customer reviews? One easy way is through an email asking for a review for your website, Facebook or Yelp page. Another is by asking for feedback after a training session. This is a great way to have a casual conversation, in which you can ask whether you can use that on your website or in writing. See more ways to ask for feedback

Through listening to your customers, you can boost your business in a few ways...

1. Customer reviews helps with your explanation of services 

Once you have a couple of reviews under your belt, you can start to utilize the way that customers describe you to new customers. If someone finds your training sessions challenging but fun, or super personalized and motivating, you can use that feedback to set up new clients with the right expectation. 


2. Feedback helps build trust and open discourse 

Talking openly with clients about how they find your training sessions to be, what they like or don't like, and what they would like to do differently is a great way to build trust. Don't think of reviews as an official request, but more like a two way street where both parties feel comfortable. 

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3. Surveying customers helps boost business through referrals 

The more you show that you're listening to your customers needs, the more likely they are to refer you and talk positively about you. If a client wants to hit a goal, work more on their core strength, or is feeling too exhausted after a session - and you tailor your next meeting to respect their needs, it won't go unnoticed. A positive, personalized experience will prompt customers (without you asking) to be your new advocate. 

4. Conversation strengthens existing customer relationships

Some conversations might not always be positive. If a client gives you constructive criticism, take that opportunity to learn more and ask questions. Being able to turn around a bad or uncomfortable situation is a valuable trait, and another great way to strengthen a client-trainer relationship. 

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5. Making a habit out of feedback becomes a measurement

Maybe the most important reason to start collecting client feedback and reviews is that by making a habit out of it, you will have a way easier time as a business owner understanding if clients are happy or not. Being able to judge how your clients feel after a training session will allow you to work on enhancing that relationships before it's too late, or knowing when to move on. You can even consider using an Net Promoter Score (NPS) in which you ask clients to rank their experience from 1-10. If you put a value to their sentiment, you can track your progress over time. 

They don't call it a feedback loop for nothing! Taking all of these reasons into account, you will boost your fitness training business in so many ways. Whether you're a gym trainer, virtual trainer, or a mix of both, the positive and negative reviews will help you with every new client as well as bump your referrals! 


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