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Don't Give Up On Your Small Business During Covid-19

Carolyn Canetti
Jul 14, 2020 9:27:07 AM

As more somber reports come out about small businesses closing their shops for good, as a result of both the initial stay-at-home orders and shuttering doors again this summer due to the raging pandemic, it may seem like the only option.


While some circumstances cannot be turned around, businesses must ask the question of how they can continue anew while dealing with federal loans, or the stress of layoffs, or impending unemployment stimulus checks tapering off. 


Though we don't pretend to have a magic wand, we can offer a few pieces of encouragement for business owners reluctant to move online and even more unwilling to invest in technologies that promise savings, but in reality becomes another expensive headache. 



Tech doesn't have to be expensive 

The number one thing we hear from people is that technology is expensive, confusing, cumbersome and not intuitive. In many instances, we experience the same thing. So many tools for so many things - they all add up - often with hidden costs. But, we promise it's not all bad! Here are three free resources to get online affordably and easily:

  • Take video calls or survey customers. Try these free business and marketing tools.
  • Source photography, iconography or create a graphic for social media or an email. Try these free design tools.
  • Build a website for free! ClickEasy offers free forever tools, or a paid plan inclusive of e-commerce and customer management. See how we compare to other website builders. 

build a website with bounce house


Outsource the things you don't have time for 

For businesses that have recently furloughed or laid off workers with no optimism in sight for being able to rehire them, consider offering them new jobs to fill the roles you don't want to do (or don't have time to figure out how to do) online. If you're going to begin marketing and driving sales online, focus on the business while allowing an employee to manage your social media, or begin your email newsletter campaign, and follow up with customers.



social media marketing



Diversify your offerings 

With or without a pandemic, having an online offering is a great way to diversify your revenue and business model by being accessible to more people. Depending on your business type, it might be more cost effective to give up your office rental space or brick-and-mortar and refocus everything from home. By having a website and a social media profile - businesses can get more traffic (and not rely on foot traffic only), and reach an audience outside of your community. 


Read about 20 types of businesses that need to get online during Covid-19


For health and wellness professionals, consider tele-health and video sessions for one-on-one, groups and monthly subscriptions. Pair that with a personalized nutrition plan, exercises to decrease anxiety and stress or DIY daily exercises.


For local businesses on main street, retail shops can consider phone orders and curbside pickup. Restaurants, consider a slimmed down and streamlined menu, as well as affordable meals to help feed families who need it the most (or people who can't cook). It may not be your normal restaurant routine, but it can keep your overhead straightforward while the pandemic continues. 


Consultants both professional and creative, now is a great time to be of service to restaurants, shops, gyms, and any struggling small business who needs legal, financial or design expertise. Meet Zoom, your new best friend.



use zoom for calls at home



Rebuild your community

While thousands of small businesses are closing weekly during the pandemic, your business faces the same challenges that your community faces: financial stress, anxiety of the unknown, and fear of a debilitating and deadly disease. If governments are overwhelmed and unreliable, use your leadership skills to organize, communicate and deliver great services to your town. Everyone is struggling, many in isolation - you can be a beacon of support. Try a partnership with other local businesses, give resources to people in need, and through solidarity, you can rebuild your community. 



participate in your community


Here at ClickEasy, we want to get small businesses to get online from home as quick as possible during the pandemic.

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