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20 Work From Home Essentials in 2021

Carolyn Canetti
Dec 30, 2020 6:07:00 PM

As the new year comes and goes, we've been hearing more and more from small business owners, remote workers and teams who have been struggling with the continual routine of at home work. Many people's sentiment oscillate between the increasing challenge to focus and for others, how hard it is to step away from work. Depending on the household, many feel their days monotonous and isolating, or frustrating and too distracting in their full house of family, friends, partners or roommates. To help, we've reached out to multiple professionals on products, tips, and content that they've relied on and recommend to others. 


While most of those working from home require basic infrastructure like an internet connection, device (computer, tablet or other), we've looked more at items that help to set up a healthy and motivating space, things that help with unwinding and unplugging, and general products that can engage and entertain as well. Our list tries to keep in mind affordable prices as well as genuine recommendations and reviews.



Office Space: 

Important advice for those who are having a hard time sitting down and getting to work: create an office space for yourself. If it's possible, set up a work space that you stick to on a daily basis. Don't mix relaxing and fun with where you work, and having office furniture to work out of helps, a lot.


For some pieces of furniture like a desk or office chair, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or tag sales can be a great place to find affordable pieces. Not to mention, the environment will thank you for repurposing used items too! Wherever you choose to source your office items, the overarching idea is that it's important to have a dedicated space to work. Additionally, get a comfortable chair that helps with posture and keeping your back supported.

  • Desks: From $50-200, you can get a new, standard desk off of Amazon, Wayfair, or other major retailer, or go the used route from a neighbor or local garage sale. For those browsing ergonomic desks, with flexibility to be a standing and sitting desk - check out Ergonomic Trends for their take on the best of the best, prices included. 
  • Headphones: For anyone who wants the best of the best, be prepared to spend between $250-600 on an over the ear, bluetooth headphone. TechRadar offers their list. But you can find more affordable headphones for as low as $20, as reported by The Strategist. If you're not super concerned with the quality or sound, noise canceling, or charging longevity (for wireless), and just want a standard headphone experience, start with a purchase that won't break the bank and you can always update later. 
  • Pearl App from ThinkDev: The more video calls you take, the more you need this: a mirror in your menu bar to check your appearance before joining a video call. 
  • Upright Go 2 Posture Trainer: Whether you have an amazing chair or not, the slouch is real. If it's becoming a problem, considering a posture tool. Our team recommends getting a Posture Trainer (specifically: the necklace not the sticker)which is a device that detects if you're slouching and buzzes you. 

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Now that you have your office basics, our research and experience expresses just how important it is to step away from work and be able to relax and unplug. This idea may come in all shapes and sizes, depending on each person and who/where you live. There was a resounding piece of advice, which was be sure to go outside every day. So, the easiest way to unplug is free and doesn't require anything besides getting yourself out the door. But, for those looking to cozy up inside (or as they say in Denmark, hygge, here's what we got: 

  • Slippers: RockDove are super comfy and you can go get the mail in them too. Whatever your slipper preference, 10/10 would recommend.
  • Speakers: Get your music system going, consider a bluetooth speaker like Bose, JBL, or other, your local BestBuy or Target can help you out there. Or go fancy and get a record player! 
  • Photos: If you can't see your family and friends, then at least you can put photos up of them. Print photos through an online tool like Snapfish, Shutterfly, or even at a CVS or Walgreens. 
  • Plants: We are all about that plant life and increasing the oxygen in your home. Not sure you can take care of a plant right now? Try low maintenance plants like Pothos plant (grows like ivy and hard to kill), or if you get a lot of sun, go for succulents and leave them alone.  
  • Scents + Ambiance: If you have kids, this may not be high on your priority (candles and kids probably not ideal), but with candles out of reach consider Keap candles (sustainably sourced and hand made), or utilizing an oil diffuser, incense or other natural scent. 
  • Blankets: And finally, there's no real blanket recommendation beyond, get a lot of blankets. Make your home cozy AF. 


As per general household items - small business owners and remote teams are spending a lot more time at home, which means that our lives should be a little easier, a little brighter and a little kinder to ourselves. Household chores add up, splurging on a coffee every day doesn't make that much sense any more, and there's time to not only become a better cook but also to use cooking appliances. From sous vides to dutch ovens to instant pot cooking - the recommendations received are a healthy mix of "put the food in the thing and then it's ready" and spend your lunch break food prepping for dinner. 

  • Phillips Hue lights: Since a lot of people are home throughout the day, set the mood with different lighting. The Phillips Hue lightbulbs that are colored and changeable through their app can make the transition from morning, day to night way more enjoyable and subtle.
  • Vacuuming sucks. Buy a Roomba or an alternative brand to help with vacuuming. While automated vacuums like the Roomba don't reach all the nitty gritty corners, it's useful for keeping your house generally clean.
  • Rice Cooker: Personal preference is the rice cooker, so easy to use, only 3 buttons, and perfect rice every time (2:1 ratio water:white rice). But it can also be used to make soup, steam vegetables, or poach eggs.
  • Coffee/Tea Maker: Be it a French press, classic coffee pot, espresso machine, electric water kettle or whatever preference, you can still treat yourself to the pre-work commute beverage. But, you can do it from home.  

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Podcasts, Playlists, Books:

And finally, how to entertain ourselves these days is harder and harder. The monotony is real, the fear of Covid during day to day activities, and the anxiety and stress that comes with supporting families, friends, staying safe, etc. need we list it all? Life is weird and hard for so many, and if you're lucky to have a job or own a business and work from home doing it - know that you're luckier than so many. So what about some escapes through song, story, science or other? 

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