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How to Get More Personal Training Clients Fast (8 Must-Try Tips)

Aaron Tian
Mar 20, 2020 12:24:36 PM

Finding clients for your personal training business can be tougher than any workout. But with demand for at-home personal trainers on the rise, there’s plenty of opportunity to make a living and grow your fitness business. 



Whether you’re doing it as your day job or side gig, building a personal training business is as much about branding yourself as it is about having the right qualifications. Knowing how to get more personal training clients is integral to your success. In order to grow and sustain your operation long term, you need to invest in marketing your personal training business. Marketing can seem intimidating, but it’s an important part of growing every small business, and personal training is no different. And don’t worry, these efforts can be as quick and easy as posting a photo from the gym on Instagram.



Even if you’re currently happy with the way your efforts are panning out, chances are you can always use more insight on how to get more personal training clients. So we put together eight essential tips to help you get more fitness clients and grow your personal training business.



1. Make a fitness-themed website.



These days, making a website is crucial for any small business. You can use it to advertise your personal training services, highlight certifications and client reviews, provide your contact info, etc.. You can also use it to share interesting content, such as recipes and workout how-to’s to give visitors a full picture of your personal training style.



Building a website and blog can seem intimidating, but have no fear because there are many free tools to help you get started and start getting those personal training clients. 



2. Grow your social footprint.



Whether it be casually tweeting healthy eating advice or posting carefully-curated inspirational sunrise photos, being social is all about personality. Being active on social media is by far the quickest and most natural tool to find and recruit new personal training clients. This is also where you can inject humor or bursts of motivation to give your followers a taste of what it’s like to work out with you.



3. Referrals are your friends.



Word of mouth is one of the most proven ways to spread the word about your personal training work. This simply means offering a certain amount off, or a free first session, to new customers brought to you by existing clients. By offering first time discounts to new customers who were sent your way by their friends and family, you stand to gain new clients. Not to mention, it helps build long term relationships with existing ones. Referral promotions, like a free introductory session, are also a great way to get to know potential new clients on a casual basis.




4. Become a go-to expert.



Running a successful personal training business isn’t just about, well, personally training clients. It’s also about maintaining a personal brand that goes along with the fitness ethos you instill in them daily. This is where being a go-to media source for all things personal training comes in. Through social media and by reaching out to health publications, you can promote your voice by offering expertise on topics like fitness tips, diets and general wellness. For example, if you see a new workout craze in the news, reach out journalists or local TV stations via email to offer commentary on the topic. Be sure to use an eye-catching subject line that gives the media an instant idea of what you’re offering. You can even simply contact reporters through social media, particularly Twitter, to offer an interview on trending news or the latest influencer diet fad.



5. Offer seasonal promotions.



Everyone loves a promo code, and personal training customers are no exception. After all, hiring a trainer is an investment to begin with, so sometimes a discount can be all that a potential client needs to pull the trigger. Be sure to get creative and run timely deals during periods folks are likely to take you up on them, such as during January’s fresh new year’s resolutions or back to school season.



6. Utilize local community via Facebook.



Facebook may be a hub for baby photos and engagement announcements, but the platform’s localized tools are more robust than ever for community networking. Browse Facebook’s Local app to join local meetups or events that are organized by and for exercise enthusiasts. By getting involved in your community’s fitness activities, you’ll increase your chances of meeting potential new clients or receive new referrals through extending your network.



7. Market clients’ testimonials.



No one is better at recommending your work than your own personal training clients. This is why incorporating testimonials from your current and past fitness clients can help give a personal touch to your marketing material. You can advertise your PT skills by showing off clients’s positive results, success stories or overall great experience of working out with you. Testimonials can be as simple as an Instagram story of one of your personal training clients using weights under your guidance. Be sure to use high quality photos or videos while using testimonials in promotional content, including social media, email or your own website.



8. Follow up with current clients.



As a personal trainer, you know that healthy eating and exercise is only effective when done consistently. Following up with existing clients, whether new or long term, is the best way to ensure they’re not only being held accountable but retain their sessions. Help your personal training clients not only stay on track, but remain loyal until they reach their goals, or beyond. You can do this by keeping in touch via email, calls or text on a consistent basis in order to keep those clients happy and on your schedule.






For small businesses, putting yourself out there can be incredibly tough. After all you’re a personal trainer, who said marketing would be part of the deal? Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert to start marketing. You just need a little determination.



If you’re serious about growing your business and getting new clients, be sure to check out ClickEasy. We made this tool just for people like you, to help you get online and manage your business, easily.


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