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5 Ways to Get Useful Customer Feedback

Carolyn Canetti
May 1, 2020 12:14:16 PM

As your business grows, you need to be able to take a pulse on how your customers or clients are feeling about your service. It's important track sentiment, keep conversations open, and ask for real time feedback, as well as be able to understand why customers drop off over time.

  1. It's notoriously hard to acquire feedback, as everyone is busy and your clients are no different. Official surveys or review requests are often overlooked. But! Feedback is important. So, here are 5 ways you can approach your customers to obtain useful intel so you can continue to improve your business.

    1. Set expectations during your first interaction
    When you first connect with a new contact, have a list of questions and expectations to set about the service you provide. See how their goals and timeline align with your own, and be able to refer back to this initial conversation to check in on progress being made.

    By confirming up front what your client aims to achieve, while being clear about your methodology, you will be able to cross-check how your services are satisfying each customer personally. 

  2. 2. Ask at the end of a session or class
    A casual and candid way to obtain feedback is by asking at the end of a call, class or meeting. You'll catch a client while they're most comfortable with you, you've already connected and worked together for a period of time, and they will still be concentrating on the time you have just spent working.

    A low-key, "How was this session for you?" or, "Is there anything I could have been clearer about today?" is immensely useful for future work. You can also use one piece of feedback to ask another person how they are doing, "A client mentioned that I should slow down this part of the course, how did it go for you?" 

  3. 3. Share on social media
    Social media is a great way to give your clients positive feedback. If it makes sense in your business to include them in your story or in a post, that will lead to a reciprocal relationship on social media. If they're sharing about you in their story - add it to your story. 

    This is an excellent way to drum up new business via referrals, as well as a great boost of confidence if customers are willingly sharing praise to their audience. 

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  5. 4. Send a personal email
    While social media and in-person conversations have their perks, sometimes the way to obtain thoughtful feedback is through a personal follow-up email. Giving clients time to compose their thoughts is a great way to get full quotes and testimonials to include on your website. Don't have a website? Launch one in minutes and add the URL to your social media profiles and email signature.

  6. 5. Offer an incentive with a feedback request
    Sometimes a simple incentive will push customers to providing you feedback (not to mention everyone feels happy after a small reward). If you're local, send cookies in the mail, if you're online, send a coupon or deal to cash in on. 

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