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A Guide For On-Demand Fitness

Carolyn Canetti
Jun 9, 2020 4:23:04 PM

The demand for at-home workouts is higher than ever following the closures of gyms and clubs around the country. You can continue growing your fitness business by helping your community stay healthy and relieve stress while social distancing. Whether it’s personal training or leading a yoga flow, here are the simple steps you can take to setting up and promoting your personalized online fitness classes. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Announce your online classes to gauge interest

Whether you communicate via email newsletters or mass texts, let your list of clients know you’ll begin providing virtual services. This will help you assess the level of interest and plan accordingly. Depending on your area of expertise, you can also survey clients on what type of living room-appropriate workouts they’d like to sign up for.


Check in with existing clients

Whether you recently began training clients or it’s been your side hustle for some time, the best way to maintain interest during this time is to remind them you’re there for them. For example, follow up with your personal training clients who are attempting to stay on track, and assure them you’re available to help them reach their next milestone from afar. Keeping in touch is easy, just be sure to go with their preferred communication method, such as email, phone or text.

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Provide clear descriptions

Even at home, no one likes walking into a workout without expectations set. Make sure to label the time and name of your digital fitness class and what exactly you’ll be teaching. And while it may seem obvious, it’s important to label online courses as “virtual” to avoid any potential venue confusion once your in-studio classes do resume.

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Set up your space

A home studio may not be ideal, but you can make the most of your space by setting up the camera on a steady surface in a room with ample light. No one expects a professional studio setup, but ensure the background is tidy and neat to avoid distracting from your instruction. 


Make a workout video to publish online

Shooting and editing exercises to post on your social media and website is the easiest way to help preview classes. These can be simple, short how-to drills, such as “no equipment cardio” or a 10 minute recovery tutorial. You can film these directly on your phone, and trim them using the video “edit” function, which most smartphones have. Upload to your social feed, and tag relevant hashtags (eg. #virtualworkout) to reach viewers beyond your community. 

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Start simple with social livestream 

For a straightforward class that your existing followers and new followers can easily tune into, you can simply announce a workout livestream to get the buzz going. Not only do these occasional sessions help your fitness business gain exposure, but they’ll also get you comfortable leading a virtual class without clients in the room. For the easiest “live” streaming, go with Instagram or Facebook, where your followers will get a notification when you begin the class.


Consider premium private classes 

The lack of real-life training sessions has left many gym-goers in need of individualized attention from trainers. You can lend your expertise and nutrition expertise, along with providing clients with a sense of accountability in the comfort of their homes, by offering one-on-one appointments via virtual sessions. These individualized slots can be scheduled ahead of time and done via video calls, using apps like FaceTime or Zoom.

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For independent fitness experts, keeping business afloat without face to face sessions can feel daunting. You can keep the momentum going with the help of ClickEasy. We made this tool just for people like you, to help you get online and find new customers while serving your loyal ones, with no experience required.

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