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Social Media Post Ideas for Health & Wellness Professionals

Carolyn Canetti
Mar 17, 2020 4:41:36 PM

Need inspiration for what to post each week? Here are some best practices in the industry to choose from.



The great news about social media is that every and any customer you want to reach is on social media. The challenge is coming up with posts on a regular basis. The best way to approach social media is by doing the same type of post with new content, in order to form a habit for yourself and your audience looking forward to what you have to say or show.

1. Video Post: Do it yourself, or ask a friend for help to record a 30 second video showing how to do a stretch or pose, or explaining an exercise to destress. 

2. Daily Tip Post: What goals are your clients trying to achieve? Give them some free advice! How to tone arms, how to relax while commuting to work, how to eat healthy on a budget. 

3. Photo Post: For fitness pros, before and after photos of either you or a client (with permission) is a great way to showcase attainable progress.


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4. Story Post: As a business owner, personal stories go a long way to emphasize your personality and make you relatable to your customer base.

5. Recommendation Post: What are you enjoying? Podcast, article, book, playlist, clothing item - share with your audience. It's a nice way to make conversation in your industry too.


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6. Recipe Post: Share the secret to a healthy brain and body! Scientifically backed or personally tested, what smoothie gets you going in the morning? What tea calms you at night?

7. Client Spotlight Post: If your clients are into it, give them a shoutout. Inspire others to feel less isolated and alone in their bodies and mentality by showing them a real person hitting goals.

8. Article Post: Read up on news in the industry - trends, studies, new products - if something interests you, share it on social media. Spark a conversation by asking for opinions or questions.

9. Re-share Post: Follow other professionals in your field and give them a shoutout. Make friends on social media and they'll show you support through their own posts and stories.

10. Brand Shoutout Post: Is there a company or brand you love? Don't be shy. Everyone loves some authentic thumbs up for the work they're doing. 

11. Wow Fact Post: Share a wow-worthy statistic about health and wellness that affects a lot of people. Numbers can really put into perspective the work you do and the work people want to do.


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12. How-To Post: Is there something your clients struggle with? Your knowledge is your content. Post regular how-tos to your following. 

Periodically inform your followers on how they can get in touch with you. As a small business service, that's how you ultimately get new business. Direct people on where to do that!


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