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How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer in 6 Steps

Marshay Clarke
Jul 8, 2020 5:13:52 PM

If you have always had a passion for fitness and a desire to share your knowledge through a fitness website and training classes, right now might be the best time to do it!


It’s no secret that we are living in unique and unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While this time has been challenging to say the least, it has given people new insights into their career paths. It’s a funny thing when being laid off due to a pandemic can actually help you see that it is time to embark on a new phase in life - becoming a certified personal trainer.


But honestly, would you have made the decision to become a professional workout trainer if you were still at your old job?  We are going to help you learn how to become a certified personal trainer in 6 steps. Let’s jump in!

When you are starting out as a personal trainer, you may think that the first thing you need is to get clients. The reality is, to do this right there are a few steps that you should take first.


How To Become A Personal Trainer


You have the passion and desire for fitness training and are finally ready to go legit and make it your career. First, we will get the basics out of the way.


Step 1 - Obtain a High School Diploma


Most national certifications require candidates to have a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible for a certifying examination. Although post-secondary education exists in the form of specialty certificates or training courses, these are not “required” to become a workout trainer.


Step 2 - Become CPR & AED Certified


During your career as a personal trainer, you may encounter physical emergencies with clients that require you to provide immediate assistance. In order to do this, you should complete cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification programs. These certification programs teach fitness trainers how to recognize medical emergencies and handle cardiac or breathing problems so that you can provide assistance to your client until professional first responders arrive. CPR and AED certifications are required by most national personal training certification organizations, some may even include the training as part of their course.


Step 3 - Choose A Specialty


All certified personal trainers are not equal and many specialize in certain aspects of fitness training. When you are diving into the fitness training world, you should consider your skill sets, personal interests, and professional goals then select a specialization that matches these.


For example: Do you want to facilitate group exercise? Individualized personal fitness training? Conditioning or strength training? Once you figure this out, review the different fitness certification agencies as well as each of their fitness certifications.


Select the program that most closely matches your goals.


Step 4 - Choose A Certification Course (that’s best for you)


An important thing to consider when searching for a course that will teach you how to become a fitness trainer, is how do you learn? Some people learn best with in-person instruction and some can do self-study. Search for a personal trainer certification program that suits your learning style.

Personal fitness training education really isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are the different types of courses you can expect to find.

  • A certification via accredited US company (self-study)
  • Vocational institution or college (in-person)
  • University programs that offer Bachelors or Masters (in-person)
  • Unaccredited online options (self-study)
  • Gym or fitness center program (in-person)

We recommend that you enroll in a certification program through an “accredited” personal training certification course. Here are the best courses available.

  • ISSA personal training - International Sports Sciences Association
  • ACE personal training - American Council on Exercise
  • NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine

Step 5 - Take and Pass the Certification Exam


After you complete your fitness training certification course, next you have to register for, take, and pass the certification exam. Registering for these exams will typically include an application and fee.


Most personal fitness training certifications will be computer-based tests that have between 120 and 150 multiple-choice questions.


Step 6 - Get a Job or Start a Business


Once you pass your exam and get your fitness trainer certification you now need to decide if you want to get a job at a local gym or start your own business. If you want to be an entrepreneur in the fitness world you will need to create a personal trainer website.


How To Create A Certified Personal Trainer Website


Having one of the top fitness trainer websites can immediately grab the attention of potential clients and gain trust. When people need a trainer, the first thing they do is search online. Building a strong fitness trainer presence online is key to getting discovered.


At ClickEasy, we are the specialists in building personal trainer websites that will undoubtedly help your business stand out from the competition. We can help you build and design a fitness website that will keep customers knocking on your door. Ready to create a top-notch personal trainer website?  Let’s get started.


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