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Life-Changing Tools That Will Bring Your Brand to Life

Carolyn Canetti
Mar 10, 2020 6:09:07 PM

We know starting a business causes a fair amount of upfront work! Make use of these easy tools and services to help brand building items like creating your logo and business cards. You can also use tools like ClickEasy to get your online presence up and running in just a few minutes. Check out some other free services below.




Your logo is the first impression that your future customers will have of your business and helps customers remember your business versus the competition. You can use a company like Fiverr where you pay a small price for a designer to create your logo or check out some of the free tools below.

  • Canva: Offers free logo design templates and images
  • Logo Makr: Create a simple logo with icons and text
  • Graphic Springs: Enter your company name, select your industry and generate a logo

Color Palette



The colors that you use tell a story about your business. The world's most successful brands emphasize colors in their marketing mix. McDonald's has the golden arch, American Express has the black card, what colors will you incorporate in your branding to be memorable?

  • Coolors: Automatically generates a variety of color palettes that complement each other
  • Color Hunt: Offers unique four-color combinations
  • Adobe Color CC: Extract colors from images you like or generate color schemes

Business Cards




Business cards are still important people. When you’re in the midst of a conversation and you need something to deliver right then and there, give them your handy dandy business card (with your website and social media information listed on it, of course).

  • Moo: Provides modern and trendy business card designs
  • Vistaprint: Templatized designs for traditional business card creation





Photos, photos, and more photos! So many of the applications we use today are visually driven, and you’ll be using those applications to market your business. There are many companies that offer crisp photo catalogs for you to use for your business.

  • Unsplash: Search for high-resolution images that are submitted by users
  • Pixabay: Browse and download high-quality images
  • Adobe Stock: Find the perfect asset for your next creative project
  • Pexels: Great stock photos shared by talented creators


Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.27.15 PM

Icons can be useful not only for logo inspiration, but also a great way to break up monotony on your website. Sometimes text can be overwhelming, and you can represent your services or methodology with an icon instead. Check out:

  • Icons8: Download icons for free, with folders to keep a uniform style for all
  • The Noun Project: Extensively search through icons to represent any word you can think of. Free downloads for PNGs
  • Font Awesome: With the most in depth design, this is great if you are willing to spend a monthly cost 

Once you put all of these pieces together, you’ll have a foundation for your brand that will have new and repeat customers talking about your business.



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