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Don't Burn Out: Guide to Running Your Small Business

Carolyn Canetti
Apr 12, 2021 6:46:00 AM

Hey small business owner, whether you're working on creating and running the business of your dreams, love your life, and have turned your passions and dreams into reality, or are participating in a mild version of that - you are still susceptible to burn out. 


What's burnout? Burnout is succumbing to total exhaustion after prolonged action and stress. And stress doesn't even mean you need to be unhappy, it just means that you're on, and you're focused, and you're going hard - if you do so much without giving yourself time to reset, you will burnout.


Burnout manifests in many ways, but the overarching feeling is a sense of physical, mental exhaustion, with a side of irritability or inability to relax. Here are the tips and tricks to preventing burnout or pulling yourself out of the slog. 



how to avoid burnout



1. Set your boundaries 

Way easier said that done, especially when you're feeling amazing. When you're really grooving, you may find yourself boundless with energy, motivation and commitment. But operating at such high of a frequency can be the initial set up for the come down. 


So add some structure and boundaries to your day and your monthly to-do. Implement a time to start and stop your day allowing yourself to form a habit of not being in an all consuming stage of business ownership. 


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2. Do what you like and offset the rest 

If you love love love doing social media, but always leave accounting at the bottom of your to-do list, or you thrive in forecasting but can't be bothered to update your Facebook page, allow yourself to delegate.


If you have the means hire a part-time person for small ongoing projects or one-off tasks throughout the year. The aspects of running a business that send you into a stress frenzy don't have to be your job if they make you miserable. Don't be afraid to ask for a little help! 


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3. Make time for nothing 

It might sound easy to say you'll make time to relax or take a breather, but, there will always be something on your list that you can do! Or depending on your personal life, certainly it may feel like there's never enough time for anything - so when you do nothing, it can lead to more stress and guilt. Never feel bad for taking a moment for yourself!


Schedule time to do nothing productive. Some may call it self-care, and that's what it is, give yourself permission to turn your brain off. Take a bath, go for a walk, read a book, stare out the window, make a little painting, your body and mind will thank you!  


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dont burnout


4. Uproot your routine

For those who are working from home, the days get monotonous, don't they? Every day, a routine, you know what to expect, the lines get blurred between work and not work. So add a little pizzazz to your day! Take your calls outside, set yourself up in a different room, and when it's safe - leave your home and post up at a cafe! 


Routines are grounding and great, but they can also become stifling when the burnout creeps in.  


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5. Get your heart pumping 

Regardless of your age or fitness capabilities, incorporate movement into your day the best that you can for you. If your business requires you to be sitting for most of the day, make time for intervals of jumping jacks or a walk to start and end your day. 


However your day tends to shake out, don't neglect your health and heart! 


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6. Pay attention

So when you're feeling a million bucks, how do you know when you're on your way to being a stressed out business owner? Here are some ways to tell: anxiety, avoiding decision making, change in appetite, fatigue, forgetfulness, neglecting oneself, headaches, inability to focus, irritability, sleep disruption, lower productivity... to name a few. When those start creeping in, that means you are stressed and headed to burnout. 



7. Recognize the signs 

Once you've endured a burnout, you probably aren't interested in feeling that way regularly. When you become chronically stressed, every part of your body and mind are affected! You may find yourself with a lot less patience, more anger, feeling pressure or panic, you may procrastinate and complain, and find yourself in a never ended quest to get your energy back through copious amounts of coffee. 


It's not a fun feeling. So - take care of yourself and recognize that just because you are a boss business owner, doesn't mean that you don't deserve and require a break. 



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