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How to Get New Clients to Sign Up For Classes

Carolyn Canetti
Mar 22, 2021 5:00:00 AM

As you get into the groove with your class types and business offers, learn the best ways to announce updates to your schedule! The quick advice is: shout it from the rooftops, or at the very least share your updates online and in person. 


Depending on the business you run - you may go through a variety of class types in any given month or season - whether you update your prices, have a limited class schedule, only open bookings at specific times, or simply have created a new course - alert your existing, new, and potential clients that it exists. 



update your customers




How to introduce your business to New Clients:

An important aspect to growing your business is getting new clients to work with! A good exercise to do when thinking about how to market your offerings is to ask yourself is, "Who are my ideal clients?" Do you work with a specific demographic (age, gender) or offer a speciality service (pilates for new moms, dance class for toddlers). Once you can pinpoint who you'd like to work with, you can tailor the right message for this group so that your value resonates with them. The next thing to ask yourself is, "Where do these clients congregate?" Can you reach a group of people online or in a physical location? Read guide to getting new customers


Once you have these questions somewhat answered, you will have direction on where to put your attention!


Social Media: Social media is a huge part of discovery in todays world. But, having a presence doesn't mean you need to be everywhere all the time. Choose one platform to put your attention towards - Instagram, Facebook, TikTok - and get in the habit of putting yourself out there. Posts are important, but more so it's about engaging. The more you engage with people through commenting on posts and stories, as well as shamelessly DMing, the more you'll be shown in feeds and suggested to people to follow. How to start on social media



Website: While social media is a great place to be discovered, it's still important to have your own piece of real estate to draw people to get in touch with you. Ensure that you have a professional way for interesting clients to get in touch with you and learn more. Offer a free consultation call through ClickEasy, or utilize our Contact form page to legitimize yourself outside of social media. Try ClickEasy today to set up a way for customers to book time and reach out 



Storytelling: Content, everyone talks about content. But, what does it really mean? "Content" in the context of getting new business and building a brand for yourself is really about two things - story telling, showcasing your value, and having attention grabbing imagery. The truth is though, not every business owner has a flare for design or writing, but there are many lovely and free tools out there that can help business owners get started with quality content. How to create content for your business (+ 14 social media post ideas you can use on the regular!) 



Join Conversations: Similar to the emphasis on engaging with people you don't know so well on social media, you should definitely put yourself out there in other capacities. As spaces and places reopen this summer during Covid, take the opportunity to promote yourself to your local community. If you offer health and wellness classes, start a class in a nearby park, or partner with another business in town where you can cross-promote one another. Additionally, you can look at Facebook Groups, or neighborhood mailing lists and community centers to add your offerings or join in to pertinent conversations. Try answering these 5 talking points to prepare for new customer conversations




How to announce your new offerings to your Existing Clients: 


Via Email. A direct and effective way to communicate with your people is via email. Whether you have a pre-existing list or are starting with individuals - you can plan a "drip campaign," which basically means announcing your new classes and then continuing to remind this group about the class, prompting them to sign up. Perhaps there are customers that have been waiting for this news? Go ahead and contact them directly. If you don't have a mailing list yet, fret not - you can begin an email campaign any time: Your guide to starting email newsletters.



Social Media. While announcing new classes or sessions on social media is super useful, it's more of a slow burn - be prepared to post multiple times over the course of days and weeks to get the news to stick. Share in your stories and get people hyped up. Learn about promoting your business on social media.



Posted mail. An old school idea, but coming back into style - if you have the mailing addresses of customers, consider a personal note in the mail. There's no denying the personal touch, and hopefully they'll put your new notice on the fridge and contact you. 



Flyers. Similarly, if you operate in a specific town or city, try printing flyers and posted at the supermarkets, and stores that have similar clientele that you work with. Learn about how to market yourself locally. 



Cross promote. Lean on other local businesses or small shops that you have befriended and ask them for a little shout out. For instance, a new art class? The local art supply store can provide your art students with the best brushes! Thinking about advertising? Here's your small business guide.



how to update customers on new things


Whichever route you choose, make sure to keep the updates ongoing! As you work with your classes and individual customers, tell them if there's news. You never know if they'd like to partake, or if they have a friend who would be a perfect fit! 



Need an easy way for your clients to book and pay online? You're in luck. Try ClickEasy today for creating scheduling and payment pages in minutes! 

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