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Why Credit Cards Are The Safest Forms of Payments

Carolyn Canetti
Jan 25, 2022 2:22:00 PM

Here at ClickEasy, we have a tool that makes scheduling and payments easy and automated. When building our tool, we thought about small service businesses and their customers, considering all the ways that individual business owners work tirelessly to appease and meet customers’ needs. One thing we wanted to make both simple and secure was the ability for customers to pay for classes and 1:1 sessions, as well as the ability for businesses to charge customers for recurring meetings or missing payments. 


While some businesses may operate through cash, Venmo, direct deposit or other, we know that utilizing a credit card payment system is the most secure form of payments for everyone - the business and the customer. 


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We know that credit cards can accrue fees, and misuse of credit cards can yield debt, interest, and an impacted credit score. Understandably, that could make you and your customers weary of credit card payments. But, let us take a moment to read and learn about the benefits of accepting credit cards, and maybe we can convince you otherwise! 

secure payments with credit card


Credit Cards Protect Customers From Fraudulent Purchases 

One of the main reasons to pay with a credit card is the ability to avoid losses from fraudulent purchases. In contrast to a debit card, in which money will be missing from your account instantaneously, a fraudulent charge to your credit card will not put you out. If you notice fraud, you can notify your credit card company and they will have time to resolve the matter.

Additionally, if you are charged for a legitimate purchase, but then find something wrong with that product or service, you can also contact your credit card about that payment to get money back. 


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Encryption Keeps Personal Information Safe 

In the past, credit cards could still be hacked through the magnetic strip and point-of-sale transactions. When you’re amidst a transaction, your credit card is sharing its information with the payment processor. And it’s important that the payment processor is secure, but it’s also important that your credit card is secure with chip technology. All new credit cards now use chip technology to encrypt your personal information safely when the credit card is in use. 


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It’s Easy to Collect Credit Cards Through ClickEasy 

We built ClickEasy to make accepting payments as easy as possible. If you include a price on your service page, it will prompt any booking customer to input their credit card information upon scheduling. For classes, customers will be charged at the time of booking (before the event), and for one-on-one appointments, customers will put their credit card information in and be booked after the session (after the event). 


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Using Credit Cards Can Include Purchasing Incentives

Credit cards can have some huge benefits outside of security. Many major credit cards include one-time sign up bonuses, monthly cash-back programs, point systems based on dollars spent or types of purchases made. Often there are deals on merchandise, entertainment, hotels, flights, car rentals. 


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secure payments with clickeasy


Credit Cards Work Through Transactions, Not A Bank Account

Another positive about credit cards is that they aren’t linked to your bank account, whereas debit cards are connected to a bank account. This fact is an extra layer of security, so for instance - if you lose your credit card, you don’t have to worry that this person would be able to access your bank account, like they would with a debit card. All you would have to do in this scenario is contact your credit card company to issue a replacement.


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Only Need Credit Card Info Once Through ClickEasy 

A perk of being a ClickEasy user is that once a customer has booked with you for the first time, every recurring booking will be as simple as a click of a button. Their credit card information will be saved securely through our partnership with Stripe. Customers can book future time with you, without needing to put their credit card information in each time, and businesses can schedule time with customers through our Calendar tool, prompting a charge to that customer.

Get acquainted with our easy scheduling software at ClickEasy, we offer a 30 day free trial to any business owner interested in checking out how easy it is for customers to book and pay for time with you! 

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