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How to Start a Coaching Business During Covid-19

Carolyn Canetti
Nov 23, 2020 7:17:00 PM

If you find joy in helping people, supporting them to reach their goals, and are a good listener with a positive demeanor - consider starting an at home coaching business. Unlike other self-help businesses and careers, becoming a coach doesn't require years of education, but you can do a few ongoing certifications online to build your credentials. 


Additionally, it's an excellent career path that you can and should do from home, especially during Covid-19. There are a lot of people who need guidance, a person to lean on outside of their friends and family, and you can be that person for someone.


In general, coaches aim to help clients achieve specific goals. For instance, a business coach helps provide tools to increase the success of a business. A life coach works towards helping mend relationships. Nutrition coaches keep clients accountable for their health and food. Career coaches provide confidence and mentorship for getting a job or performing well in a job. If this sounds like something you're interested in and ready to get started on - here's how:  


What coach are you going to be, and do you require training:

If you're going to go into nutrition or fitness coaching, there are a variety of certifications you can get accredited for: ISSA, ACE and NASM are the three most popular tracks. Most trainers do get certified, so if you want to be on par with your competition, we recommend that you do the same.


Life coaches can also take courses (online) to get accredited: ICF, CTA, iPEC, are a few options, but there are many! The point is there are many affordable and online ways to begin your coaching business and the good part is that they don't require years of education or breaking the bank, however - to compete in the field, you may want to consider taking a course. If this business plan is a later in life career move, you might find that you experience in work sets you up nicely to be a mentor without additional coursework. 


Calculate your worth: 

Your upfront costs for a coaching business are fees for any training or education, any investment in programs, technology, video conferencing software. Ongoing costs are any subscription fees, if you ever rent an office space, and funds to advertise and market yourself. Knowing your baseline cost that you'd need to make in order to break even will help you to budget accurately and decipher how to price your sessions. 

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To legalize your coaching business, you'll need to register your business and pay taxes. Set up a limited liability corporation (LLC) to separate your business and personal finances. 


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start an online coaching business



Getting set up technologically:
As a new online business, it's important to utilize software to organize yourself, your client list, your payments, and of course your daily schedule. Not to mention, you also need a solid online presence to validate interested people and entice new audiences. 


We promise it's easier than it sounds! There are so many excellent tools out there that can help with legal paper, accounting, scheduling, point of sales, social media, design and content, and creating a web page. 

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Given the pandemic, it's expected to work with clients online only, and build a relationship through video conferences. Make sure to invest in a quality video streaming software. Today, Zoom is of the most popular. 


How do you want your service to be described - do you want to be thoughtful and detail oriented? Or motivating and energetic? Think about your mission, the reason customer's should want to work with you, and build that into the way you market your business. Then of course, make sure that these are true and practiced values. 


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how to start a coaching business



Get your first customers and repeat business:

When you've set up your base infrastructure, it's time to get customers! You might start out with networking through friends and family, especially when working online. But there's a lot of opportunity for discovery out there! Try written content, video content, a social media presence, utilizing hashtags or joining existing groups and conversations.


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Once you have even a few customers, you also will want to work hard to keep them happy. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback and referrals. 

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Invest in yourself: 

As your groove settles in and you find yourself running a business that you own (heyo!) take a moment to reflect on your original business plan and the customers you have. How is it going? Take another moment to check in on your happiness, your work-life balance, and what you want to improve or change. Are the initial costs budgeted making sense? Do you need different scheduling tools or payment collection? And finally, where can you invest money back into yourself to garner more business and new conversations? 

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Offering coaching services to those in need is a great business idea. It doesn't take much investment or years of education to be able to provide a much needed mentorship, and it's very doable online throughout the pandemic. You can get started anytime, and even begin as a side gig before turning to it full time.



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