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Why You Need to Use an Online Meeting Scheduler

Carolyn Canetti
Dec 9, 2021 1:38:28 PM

If you’re running a small business with regularly scheduled customer sessions and classes, you probably have a scheduling workflow. Maybe you do in-person appointments, or communicate with customers through phone, text and email. While the old fashioned way of appointment booking may serve you well, using an online meeting scheduler will serve you even better. 


From increasing productivity, reducing errors and missed bookings, to widening your customer base, and allowing customers to book any hour of the day - there are a lot of great reasons to begin using an online scheduling tool. 


Before you put up the usual excuses: it’s unnecessary, it’s expensive, it’s going to be confusing to you and your customers, and other reasons we’ll happily debunk - read through these initial reasons on why you need to use an online meeting scheduler for your business: 

Create A Fast and Easy Way to Schedule:

The short and sweet reason for using an online scheduler is that it’s fast and easy. If customers can book their time with you in a hands-off manner that frees up multiple back and forth of texts and emails, or a ten minute conversation - why not?

With an online scheduler, all the basic information will always be available for both the customer and for you

Less Missed Appointments:


Inevitably in the world of hosting sessions and classes for, meetings will be missed and appointments will be forgotten. But, you can set your business up for a lot less no-shows by utilizing an online meeting scheduler.

Through automated email and text reminders, calendar event links, recurring bookings - you can expect to see a big decrease in no-shows. And of course, the less missed appointments means more income and happy customers. 


Consider this, 29% of no-shows can be reduced through automated reminders, from a study done by Bookedin in 2018.

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24/7 Scheduling:


Think about your own scheduling preferences - be it for a haircut, doctor’s appointment, kid’s piano lesson, or yoga class. It’s honestly annoying to have to take time during the work day to book appointments during non business hours.


Now, think about your own customers - why deny them the opportunity to book time with you… any time.

It’s time for you to have the luxury of receiving bookings in your sleep.


Consider this from 10to8, Sundays from 4:00pm - 8:00pm is the most popular day and time to book appointments, and 46% of bookings are made outside of work hours.

More Growth Potential:


It may not be obvious when you switch to an online meeting scheduler as to how it could help grow your business. But, it really can be useful.


Think about every email sent to a potential customer that includes a link to booking an appointment, every website click where a new customer could book a consultation without calling on the phone, and every social media user who could join your class from the online booking link in your profile.

If it’s easier for customers to book successfully with you, you will have happier customers and higher profits.


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Widen Customer Base:


With growth, comes the ability to widen your customer base as well. Through powerful digital platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and marketplaces, search engines and more - switching to an online meeting scheduler gives you the opportunity to be available to customers outside of your local community or region. 


Making that move online nests you into a whole new community with so many potential customers ready to find you. 


Consider this from BookedIn in 2019, 41% of booking services are found through social media.

Do What You Do Best:


If you’ve come this far, the final reason to move your business to an online meeting scheduler is to free up your time so that you can do what you do best.


Whether you’re a marketing consultant, guitar teacher, chiropractor, or pilates instructor - there’s no reason that your time should be taken up doing administrative things like scheduling your next appointment or rescheduling a meeting with a customer.

Do what you do best - and let an easy scheduling tool do the rest. 

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Still not convinced?


Finances Online provides a great resource for online meeting scheduling facts and statistics that will be really hard to argue with. The truth is, using an online meeting scheduler is not just about scheduling, but understanding the way your customers like to spend their day, making it easy for them, and in turn, freeing up you and any of your employees time to work on more important tasks. 

Here at ClickEasy, we have a tool that makes scheduling and payments easy. Allow customers to book 1:1 sessions and group classes online, with automatic payment collection by credit cards. No more back and forth calls, ClickEasy uses automatic email reminders for clients, to decrease no-shows and help you get paid instantly. Start your 30 day free trial today to make your life easier and your customers happy.  



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