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Website Must-Dos For Appointment Based Businesses

Carolyn Canetti
Feb 2, 2022 12:14:00 PM

When tasked with not only drawing prospective clients to your website, but also to encourage them to book an appointment with you, there are a few key things you can do to stack the odds in your favor. As an appointment based business, think of your services like products, with clear dimensions and expectations, and consider customer scheduling to be as simple and obvious as checking out the shopping cart.  


Below are four key areas that can enhance your website experience for customers, increase the opportunities that lead to booking appointments, and overall strengthen your business presence. 

Focus on Customer Scheduling 

When your business model is having customers book time with you, then that must be available to them… anywhere! If your website doesn’t include a way to schedule appointments with you, then that is your first task.

  • Lead Customers to Self-Schedule: Once you have chosen a scheduling tool to include on your website, that should be your call-to-action (CTA). All buttons should lead to scheduling, and when you are encouraging people to learn more, let it be a conversation.
  • Allow for 24/7 Scheduling: For those unsure of self-schedulers, consider that 46% of bookings are made outside of work hours, and if you only do scheduling during your work hours, you are going to miss out on a lot of interested people. By utilizing a self-scheduler, it doesn’t mean that you will take calls in the middle of the night, but that customers can browse your availability during their middle of the night.
  • Make Booking Self-Explanatory: When you do choose to include a scheduling tool for your website, make sure that it’s self-explanatory. You don’t want customers to have challenges booking time because of a strange design or not enough information. So, test out your service pages and make sure they are fool proof.
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Set Expectations to Customers Clearly

It’s important to clearly explain your service and values. Why is it important? From a most basic explanation - if a customer books an appointment with you thinking that you provide one service, and you actually provide another service, then that will be a dissatisfied customer and you will lose business. So, here’s what to include:

  • Clearly Communicate Your Offering: Be obvious about what people are booking time with you for, especially if you use a self scheduler. Are they booking a consultation call? Are they booking a recurring appointment? Are they booking time with you or a colleague?
  • Include Appointment Pricing: Another important expectation to set is cost. Is there a cost for the meeting? Does the cost align with the customer’s price point? Do not allow for surprises around pricing, because this can often become an awkward subject between customers and business owners.
  • Indicate Cancellation and Refund Policy: Additionally, let’s say a customer books time with you and then realizes they can’t afford it, they no longer need it, or they have to reschedule at the last minute. Clearly include and indicate what your cancellation and refund policy is.
  • List Duration and Location of Appointment: It may seem obvious, but include the duration and location of your appointment. If customers need to plan commuting time or have to find a quiet room to meet, providing this information helps with staying on schedule.
  • Explain Any Pre-Appointment Requirements: Depending on your business, there may often be requirements in advance of meeting. Communicate that with your customers so time is not wasted during your appointment to cover that information. 

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website tips for appointment based businesses



Automate Your Administrative Tasks

When taking a look at your website, and updating your workflows for scheduling. Think about if your scheduling tool can automate other administrative tasks. The more automated processes you have, the more time you have freed up to do other tasks and projects.

  • Accept Payments Online: Going hand-in-hand with booking appointments is the ability to accept payments online. Here at ClickEasy, we provide easy scheduling solutions inclusive of accepting online payments. If you’re going to do self-scheduling, choose a tool that includes self-check out too. In this scenario, customers will have to include a credit card at time of booking.
  • Choose Automatic Reminders and Notifications: Say goodbye to remembering to remind customers of upcoming appointments, sharing Zoom links, or encouraging a customer to book their next meeting. At ClickEasy, we also include automated reminders before events, virtual links for meetings, and follow-up emails after a session.
  • Include a Contact Form: Not all interested customers will book time without having a conversation or asking for additional information first. If you don’t want to provide your personal contact information on your website, but you do want people to get in touch - include a contact form so you can field inquiries at your convenience. 

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Continuously Promote Yourself 

All businesses, be them appointment based, class focused or product related have to include marketing and promotion into their day to day. If you’re not a marketer, it’s okay - these are some general ways to enhance your website traffic and bring people to your site to learn more about your amazing offerings.

  • Establish Your Business Identity: Ensure that your website, and any other digital presences like social media, or physical materials, like a business card, include a logo and other branding attributes (like a specific color scheme). Being consistent with your look helps to establish an aesthetic that reads professional.
  • On Social Media: Don’t be shy about promoting your website, your business, and the fact that you want people to book appointments with you, all on social media. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are great ways to educate and entice both existing customers to book again or new audiences to learn more.
  • Add to Mailing List and Signature: Include your website and remind people of your services through your mailing list and periodic newsletters. Keep your list of admirers up to date with any news or scheduling changes as well!
  • Include Your Website on Printed Materials: What may seem like an ancient relic is still useful today, as you simply never know who you will meet that wants to work with you. And when you do meet that person, slip them a business card that includes your website and scheduler link.
  • Make a Clear Voicemail Greeting: As much as we believe in the power of the website, inevitably you will communicate with customers and interested clients through a variety of ways - email, text, and phone. Spruce up your voicemail greeting so that anyone who calls and listens to it will have the same information on how to book time with you (and what they’re booking). 

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Here at ClickEasy, we have a tool that makes scheduling and payments easy. Allow customers to book 1:1 sessions and group classes online, with automatic payment collection by credit cards. No more back and forth, automatic email reminders for clients, and get paid instantly. Start your 30 day free trial today to make your life easier and your customers happy.  

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