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Should You Start a Business? Answer These 5 Questions First

Carolyn Canetti
Oct 29, 2020 12:55:00 PM

Have you been sitting in an idea or a feeling for some time now, that the you're not motivated at work or that you're not living your life the way you want to? Maybe it's time to take your first exciting step towards becoming a business owner, setting up an at-home office and work for yourself!


The benefits of self employment are amazing, though not without new challenges of course. But being your own boss, stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship, wearing all the hats and gaining the confidence to network and be in charge of your life and career is monumental. Starting a business is an endeavor that most dream of and fewer truly pursue. 


As you toe the line between the security of a consistent paycheck, benefits, a 9-5 schedule, catching up with coworkers, and the desire for more, consider the answer to these questions to see if it's time. 



How do you feel about your coworkers and management? 

Be honest with yourself and your current work situation. Do you find your boss to work inefficiently? Do you feel like a team player? Where is your motivation and what aspects of your work culture are working for you? The answer to this is not to say that you should feel above your work, or that you should not be a good team player, but what's driving your desire to think of what else you could be doing? 



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Do you have a side hustle right now?

Have you been working on any side projects as of late? Of course if you are going to be self employed, you need some idea of what it is you'd like to sell - a product, your time, content - have you been doing that? If you haven't yet, consider starting to brainstorm and investigate your business now, before you cut ties with your employer. If you really don't know what you want to do as your own one-person business, that's okay too - sometimes you really need to make the big change in order to force yourself to make a decision. 



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Are you ready to switch your schedule? 

A lot of working for yourself means time management and the ability to prioritize, and wear many hats as they say. If you're not into the 9 to 5, will you be into the... any time/all the time? If you already do things your own way, work odd hours, and take notes in the shower, you may be ready to set your work-life up the way you have always wanted. Commuting, no commuting, starting at-home or set up from a cafe or shared office. As a business owner, there is no right schedule, but you have to be able to manage your time in some way. 



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Which entrepreneurs inspire you? 

Who inspires you? What success (or failure) stories make you feel like you can do anything? What business leaders, big or small, have provided inspiration to you? Do you know any people in your community or network that you can speak to candidly about the rewards and challenge of being a business owner? Acquaint yourself with both the pros and cons of self employment. 



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What's holding you back?

And finally, if you have been thinking and saying you're going to start a business - what's stopping you? Truly, what is holding you back? It's okay to be scared (and you should be - you're diving into the unknown, with only you to hold you accountable), but take your entrepreneurial inspirations, and ride the wave of support. Take the first step to legitimize your idea, and you'll be surprised how fast you start running. 



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Have we convinced you?


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