How do I set up bank statement descriptors in Stripe?

What does a credit charge from your business look like to customers?

Bank statement descriptors help to explain a charge or payment on a bank statement. Surely you've seen this on your own bank statement, where you don't recognize a payment for $25, you may go as so far to call it fraud! 

We do not want that happening to you.

When you connect your ClickEasy account with your Stripe account in Settings - Bank, customers will be able to pay for sessions and classes (yay!) and that means charges on their credit cards. 

We have set up a default bank statement descriptor: 


So, for example if your business name is BG Interiors and your service is called Interior Design Consultation, it would look like this on a customer's bank statement:


Why does it get cut off? The whole thing gets capped at 22 characters (it's a Stripe thing), but have no fear - your customer will be able to recognize your charge because of your business name, as well as the receipt from booking a session or class. See payment auto-mailers 

If you want to edit your bank statement descriptor for some reason, you can do so from with Stripe account.

There are some rules around what you can and cannot include, such as:

  • Contains only Latin characters.
  • Contains between 5 and 22 characters, inclusive.
  • Contains at least one letter (if using a prefix and a suffix, both require at least one letter).
  • Does not contain any of the special characters < > \ ' " *.
  • Reflects your doing business as (DBA) name.
  • Contains more than a single common term or common website URL. A website URL only is acceptable if it provides a clear and accurate description of a transaction on a customer’s statement.

How to navigate Stripe:

To edit your bank descriptor in Stripe, simply head into your Dashboard, and click Settings.


See Payments, and the first option listed: Checkout settings

Then, click Account information in the Public information row, to update your statement descriptor.



Scroll down Public information to Statement descriptor, what you edit here will connect with future customer payments. 


To learn more view this help article from Stripe