How do I change my brand font and color?

You can change the font and color scheme of your web pages to match your brand in Settings - Branding.

When you first create a ClickEasy account, you will have a preselected theme color and font type connected to your home page and service pages. If you want to check out your color and font options, head into Settings - Branding to change them and play around with your options.

Pick a Font:

While we don’t offer the ability to add custom fonts, we do provide a variety of options that really make a difference when you try one and then try another. Choose from Modern, Classic or Futuristic. Please note Branding Options are only available to users on the Professional and Organization Plans. Learn more about upgrading



Press Done and see what you think! If you start with one and don’t like it - come back. 

Pick a Color:

Scroll down to see your brand color options. This color will affect buttons, hyperlinks, and other little details on your web pages as well as the email notifications that your customers get. 



Press Done and see if you like it! If you start with one and switch to another, it’s no problem and you can make that change as many times as you’d like.


The Modern, Classic and Futuristic options change the fonts on all of your website pages that are published and unpublished.

The color you choose affects your button color and hyperlink colors.