How do I connect a Zoom account that I share with others?

As a small business, you may share your Zoom account with multiple people. How will integrating Zoom work?

Connecting with Zoom is a great option for businesses that offer virtual meetings, sessions or classes. Whether you're meeting with people regularly or for consultations, we make it easy to use Zoom with ClickEasy.

When you integrate with Zoom, you will be required to sign into an existing Zoom account or create a new one. Let's say you utilize an organization's Zoom account, you can still connect your Zoom user with ClickEasy. 

If you're worried about connected a shared Zoom account with ClickEasy, rest assured that the only functionality we have control over is creating and deleting meetings that you have scheduled and canceled through ClickEasy. We do not and cannot access anything in the shared Zoom account outside of you as a user setting up meetings. 

Learn about connecting Zoom in Settings - Integrations