How do I customize my checkout page on Stripe?

Now that you've connected your Stripe account, learn how to add your brand's style and customize the checkout process.

You've set up your Stripe account and now it's to time to customize your checkout page.

The branding you choose will affect your checkout page and email receipts on both desktop and mobile. Here's how!

1. Log in to Stripe and Click Settings at the bottom left:

2. Click Checkout settings, under Payments:

3. Click Branding settings, at the bottom next to Appearance:

4. Upload your Logo, Icon, Brand color and Accent color, and view examples of what your checkout pages will look like. 

5. We'd recommend using a similar or same color to the color chosen for your website, but take the time to play with options:

6. Save your Settings by clicking Save at the bottom:

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.12.30 AM