How do I change my business address?

Add your business location: office, at-home office, rental space, or other so that clients know where to find you!

When you input your business address, this address will be associated with any service that you mark as being mark as being located at your address.

To edit your business address associated with your ClickEasy account, simply go into Settings - Info and update your address there. Press Done to save.


Note: Your business address will be updated on your service page and any events booked in the future.


For any appointments that are already booked by customers, they will not be updated with your new business address. 

Learn how to change booked events.


Your business address will show up on your auto generated Contact page, but you can choose to display or hide this: 


Hidden from Contact page: 


Shown on Contact page:


See an example Contact page:

Scroll down to see contact information displayed.