How do I integrate Google Calendar?

As you create your schedule, integrate your Google Calendar to combine your display of events and view your availability.

Once you have your service pages for group classes and 1:1 sessions live and available for customers to book, you may find your schedule filling up fast!

This is exciting! It may be time to connect any existing calendars you utilize, like Google Calendar, to ensure that your schedule is clear and any upcoming conflicts are visible. 

Integrating Google Calendar is helpful for a few reasons:

  • Any booked events from your Google Calendar will sync with your ClickEasy Calendar, that way you will have your entire schedule in one view. 
  • Any booked Sessions or Classes via ClickEasy will show up on your Google Calendar as well.
  • Events booked on your Google Calendar will cause those time slots to be seen as "Unavailable" to book on your live Service Pages.

    So for instance, a dentist appointment next Tuesday at 2pm, which is usually an available hour for customers to schedule time with you, would be removed as an option for that Tuesday.

Whether you want to get in the habit of checking in on your daily schedule with ClickEasy, or you want to stay with checking Google Calendar - integrating the two will make your life easier. 

To connect, go to Settings - Integrations and click Connect Google Calendar


When you click Connect Google Calendar, a prompt will open to sign into the Google account you want to connect with. By accepting the terms, ClickEasy will get access to your Google Calendar for that Gmail Account.



If you have multiple calendars with your Gmail account, for instance in this example, there's a main account calendar, a Birthdays calendar, and a Holidays calendar. You have the option to include all or some of these in "checking conflicts". Basically, telling ClickEasy which calendar to pay attention to. 



When you connect your Google Calendar, you will see it in Settings - Integrations. Come back any time to Edit Settings, remove your calendar, or connect another one.

It may take a moment or require you to refresh your screen in order to see upcoming events on your Google Calendar on your ClickEasy calendar. If you don't see anything, try quitting your browser and reopening ClickEasy. 

Once your Google Calendar is viewable on your ClickEasy calendar - check that any upcoming booked events from ClickEasy are also displayed on your Google Calendar.