What's cool about the Professional plan?

What you get on the Professional plan and what to consider for it to be the right plan for you.

We offer 3 plan tiers on ClickEasy. Starter, Professional, and Organization. Professional is our middle tier, and makes the most the sense if you have a full weekly schedule but offer 5 (or less) services on a regular basis. Professional includes customization options. See what it includes: 

Professional for $29.99/month and 2.1% + $0.20 per transaction:

Professional will provide you with what you need to grow your business. Consider, if you make $30 from one session or class, ClickEasy is paid for. 

  • You’ll have up to 10 services that you can sell to customers (group classes and/or 1:1 sessions).
  • Professional supports 5 Google Calendar integration, and integration with Zoom. 
  • Professional accepts credit cards, fast checkout, stored customer payment information, one-off charges and requests, donations and direct to bank deposits. 
  • Ability to connect a custom domain name to your web pages. 
  • Select fonts and colors for your pages. 
  • Professional includes adding image galleries and videos to service pages. 
  • Access customer contact book, messages, payment history. 
  • Professional allows you to import and export customer lists in and out of ClickEasy. 
  • Use ClickEasy from desktop web or the iOS + Android app.
  • The ClickEasy processing fee of 2.1% + 20¢ is charged for any transaction including during the free trial period. For instance, if you charge $100, the processing fee will be $2.30. This amount will automatically be deducted in Stripe before funds transfer to your bank account. Additional credit card fees will be charged by Stripe. 

If you don't want to pay this month, consider referring a friend and you both get a $10 credit! See how

Ready to upgrade? You can do so in Settings - Plan.