What Zoom settings are included with integration?

Familiarize with these default Zoom settings for when you offer a virtual class or session via ClickEasy.

When you add your Zoom account to ClickEasy in Settings - Integrations you allow yourself the great opportunity to offer virtual 1:1 sessions and group classes to your customers. This is so exciting! Being able to sell your services online, and provide instruction and a service from anywhere means you can be safe and you can expand your availability and reach. 

Once you're integrated with your Zoom account, there will be default settings based on the type of meeting you host, designed to give you, the business, control over your meetings: 

1:1 sessions: 

  • Mute will not be on for your customer when they enter the meeting room 
  • No waiting room, so your customer can enter the meeting without waiting for permission
  • When you book a recurring meeting with the same customer, the Zoom link will always be the same
  • A link will always be provided in the reminder emails that go to you and your customer 24 hours, 2 hours, and 5 minutes before meeting

Group classes:

  • Mute will be the default state for when participants join the class 
  • There will be a waiting room, so it's up to you as the instructor to decide when to let people in and start 
  • Recurring classes will use a unique Zoom link for each class, this way customers can't pay for one class and join future ones without paying 

If you do not want these Zoom settings with your sessions and classes, please utilize: My Own Link when setting the location of your services and you can use any link (for instance, your own Zoom link, or a Google Hangout, YouTube or other URL) as it pertains to your work.